Monday-spiration ~ Stay Positive

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Stay positive, it might just pay off…

Try not to get down thinking about everything that isn’t going your way, you never know what’s around the corner and what life has in store for you. Stay positive and focus on everything you are doing or what else you can do to improve your situation and it might just pay off, eventually…


By Blondee Bunny
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Monday-spiration~ Love Monday

Reasons to love MondayMonday is...I Love Monday

I know, it’s easier said than done, but don’t give up. If you follow your dreams then one day maybe you’ll love Monday. Every Monday.



By Blondee Bunny
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My Review of: Scholl Gel Activ Insoles For Women – Open Shoes

A must have for every shoe!

I was excited to get to try Scholl Gel Activ Insoles For Women for free as I’d seen the adverts on TV recently, the most difficult decision though was deciding which one of the four to try out: Everyday Heels; Flat Shoes; Open Shoes; or Extreme Heels Insoles. I decided on Open Shoes Insoles as I have a pair of strappy sandal heels that I avoid wearing because my feet hurt pretty quickly in them so this would be a good test for how good these insoles really are.

3 Pack Detail (4)

Firstly I notice they actually stick in place on your shoes so they don’t budge, this made it a bit tricky trying to put them in place as I didn’t want to have to pull it up to adjust it and risk it then not sticking quite as well after. However with open shoes this is perfect as it then means that they won’t budge and will stay in place being a secret invisible comfort for your feet. This does also mean I now need to get Scholl Gel Activ Insoles for all of my shoes!

3 Pack Detail (3)

Due to the raised insole now in place this does make the shoes a little tighter but I notice the gel insole actually keeps my feet in place better and stops my toes creeping off the edge.

Scholl Open Shoe Gel Insoles

My feet still ache quite quickly in these heels but not quite as badly as without the insoles, so I would recommend them, however don’t buy them expecting them to be a miracle cure uncomfy shoes. If you have uncomfy shoes then they will help them be slightly less uncomfy on the soles, but it won’t make it feel like you’re wearing trainers (as they advertise them as doing). I would be interested however to try out the other types of insoles for other shoes, to see if you have less uncomfy shoes to start with if they do actually give you the feeling as if you’re wearing trainers.

One negative I have for these insoles is that because they are gel, when your feet get sweaty the insoles can’t absorb the sweat, so then it doesn’t feel as great and gets a bit slippy. They do have some bumps for grip but could do with adding a bit more extra grip on the balls of your feet to keep them in place & the insoles working at their best.

As mentioned, I would recommend these and I’m also going to purchase the others in the range for my other shoes. If you’ve tried them let me know what you think. Do you agree with my review, have you found they work better for certain types of shoes than others?

By Blondee Bunny
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My Review of: Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Protection Face & Neck Lotion

Sensational Suncream for Sensitive Skin!!

I was excited to try Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Protection Face & Neck Lotion, as Suncream is always awkward to put on your face, it feels sticky and has that strong ‘holiday’ smell. This is specifically designed for your face and also for sensitive skin so it sinks into your skin nicely and doesn’t leave it feeling sticky at all. It also has a more subtle scent that’s much more suitable for your face and I really like it. I would recommend this to anyone like me that has sensitive skin that burns easily or even for those that don’t, as it’s designed specifically for your face so it’s worth taking this extra tube of suncream for your face on top of your usual bottles of suncream. It’s only a small tube so it won’t take up much extra space and I’d guess it’s more than enough for a 2 week holiday. I got this to try for free and I will definitely purchase it in future once this tube has run out.

Garnier Suncream

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Protection Face & Neck Lotion

By Blondee Bunny
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